Rice Terrace Marathon


Deep in the southern Yunnan Province of China lies Yuanyang County, featuring one of the worlds most spectacular man-made wonders, rice-paddy terracing. One of the World Heritage Sites in China, these terraces are formed from centuries of local farmers transforming the lands by hand to grow food in the mountains. The lands offer breathtaking views, almost as if it was pulled out of a fairytale, it one of those things that must be experienced in person to truly appreciate the wondrous beauty.

The Rice Terrace Marathon brings runners to experience the rice-paddies in a entirely new way, running the trails and pathways through the terraces and into the surrounding jungle trails. A one-of-a-kind lifetime experience that adventure runners must experience in their journey to run the world.

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Experience the thrill of running through the rice terraces!



The Rice Terrace Marathon is brought to you from the organizers of the iconic and legendary Shangri-La Marathon & Ultra mountain race and the spectacular hidden gem, the Yunnan Puzhehei International Marathon race, both in China, and the VALENCIA Trail Race in the United States. These organizers are runners who are passionate about creating spectacular adventure races that connects you with the incredible natural beauty our world has to offer. You can expect us to create another unique adventure running experience for you, the runner, at the Rice Terrace Marathon!


The race will feature a traditional full marathon and long-distance ultra for runners want that extra endurance challenge on their adventure. Final distances TBA.


The ultra course will feature a blend of narrow paved pathways through the terraces and single track trails going into the jungles while the full marathon will be on road.


Running this race is all about connecting with the incredible natural beauty of these lands while running through them, consider it a running adventure vacation.

Rice Terrace Marathon


The Rice Terrace Marathon is in the development stages. Join the registration waiting list and we will email you as soon as early-bird registration opens up!

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